Solar Sky Light with Motion Sensor

Product Description

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Solar Sky Light with Infrared Sensor

Solar Sky Light with Motion Sensor is an intelligent outdoor lighting system that provides powerful lighting in an all-in-one package. During the day, the highly efficient solar panel collects energy from the sun and stores that power in the advanced lithium battery (included). At night, the powerful LEDs automatically turn on providing ambient light. There are no switches to turn on as this unit is automatically activated by motion in the dark. Furthermore, the solar system avoids the hassles of electrical wiring and there is no electric bill! The easy-to-install compact kit comes with fully illustrated instructions and sets up in just minutes.

Our most popular and economical Solar Sky Light with Motion Sensor model features a 12-watt solar panel with a 5-watt LED producing in upwards of 540 lumens (Equivalent to a 100w incandescent bulb)

Step up to the 25-watt solar panel with 10-watt LED for an astonishing 1080 lumens! (Equivalent to a 200w Incandescent bulb)

The mounting pole is not included with the kit.

Solar Sky Light Highlights:


Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn

No Wires or Cables

No Electrical Cost

Compact Design

Motion Sensitive

Easy Installation

Long-Lasting Battery

Super Bright LED

Integrated Fuse

Mounts to Any Pole


Motion Activated

When motion is detected, the super bright LEDs double in brightness to provide an abundance of extra lighting in the area. After 5-minutes or no motion, the light drops down in brightness to reserve power. This intelligent feature allows the Solar Sky Lite to save power when light is not needed resulting in much longer run times and brighter lighting than other solar lighting systems. The IR sensor of the Solar Sky Light is the practical way to enjoy brighter than normal light when needed.

Key Features & Benefits:

18+ Hour Run Time

Motion Activated Brightness Control System

578 Lumens

Fresh Water Rated

Salt Water Rated

Changeable Batteries


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