Solar Powered Marker Buoy

Product Description

Solar Powered Marker Buoy (Illuminating)

Summer boating is fun, but with it, so is the certainty of accidents and sundry of foul ups! Avoid nighttime boat-versus-buoy incidents with the Solar Powered Marker Buoy! Keep boaters aware of obstacles or navigational hazards all night long and put an end to embarrassing, dangerous, and expensive mistakes. Change the LED color to blue or amber with a swipe of the magnet to distinguish the buoy from shore lights and find your way home more quickly in the dark!

The Solar Powered Marker Buoy is the foolproof way to mark your shoreline, swim area, and other obstacles. The powerful and bright Solar Illuminating Buoy Marker will keep swimmers, docks, and obstacles, safe from boaters during the day and at night! Perfect for finding your way home at night after an evening boat ride! The fun doesn't stop there! This solar illuminating buoy marker is equipped with magnet technology! Swipe the magnet over the solar panel at night to change between 7 brightness levels for user adjustable brightness and run times. Hold the magnet for 5-seconds and you can change between White, Blue, or Amber illuminating LEDs! That's right, a simple swipe and you can adjust the brightness/run time and buoys illuminating color!

The powerful solar panel of the Solar Powered Marker Buoy collects the suns energy during the day. At night the integrated circuit automatically turns on the super bright LED which illuminates the entire body of the buoy. The Solar Powered Marker Buoy is a unique product with multiple features that will enhance the safety of any marine area.

Solar Powered Marker Buoy Highlights:


Great in Lakes

Brightness Settings


Great in Rivers

Reflective Stripe


Great in Bays


Lighting When You Need It

Manufactured from Rotationally Molded poly Ethylene for uniform thickness makes this buoy virtually indestructible! Will not crack or fracture from collisions or harsh environmental forces.

Highly visible reflective band and super bright LEDs enhance night visibility. Powerful 2 watt solar panel ensures all night run times even on cloudy days. Solar Powered Marker Buoy prevents costly boat-buoy collisions and restore confidence back to nighttime boaters.

Key Features & Benefits:

6-46 Hrs Run Time

60 Lumens

Fresh Water Rated

Salt Water Rated

Changeable Batteries


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