Lunmar InvisiLift Kit

Product Description

The Lunmar Invisilift Boat Lift is designed to be installed in a boathouse application, so that none of the overhead equipment is visible when a ceiling is installed .   The standard power beams are 12'6" long, constructed of lightweight aluminum for easy installation and typically rest on two beams running parallel to boat 12' apart.  (Custom lengths available).  No equipment on power beam protrudes lower than the beam.   Four 1" holes in the ceiling for the cables to pass through is all you will see.    Lunmars exclusive Bugstop will prevent any bugs, rodents or birds from entering the attic through the cable holes.
The Lunmar 3000# and 4000# InvisiLift uses the Hefty Hoist EBD Gear which is an enclosed gear that requires no greasing and is faster and more quiet than the flat plate gears.