Lunmar Magnum Side Mount (6000#, 8000#, 10000#)

Product Description

In narrow canals or on a short bulkhead where four piling lifts are impractical, the Magnum side mounted boat lift should be your first choice.

With capacities of 6,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds, the Magnum Side Mounted Lift can be attached to a piling, seawall or even at an incline to overcome a storm revetment, leaving the system to be highly versatile in different types of mounting situations. Standard features of the Side mount include two heavy duty Hefty Hoist worm gear winches.

Manual drum switches are housed in the fully enclosed winch cover and wireless remote controls are optional. All cables are stainless steel and the load beams ride up and down the elevator track on a series of heavy duty phenolic wheels.

Our side mount lifts utilize heavy duty galvanized load beams with adjustable hinged lifting arms. The hinged arms on these boat dock lifts can be adjusted to fit varying track angles. The boat is positioned by two adjustable guides and the boat is cradled by two adjustable lengthwise bunks (NOT INCLUDED). These boat lifts are designed to be user friendly and aesthetically unobtrusive

Side Mount Specifications:
                        CAPACITIES 6,000 lbs. / 8,000 lbs. / 10,000 lbs.
                        Arm Length 8'
                        Track Length 14'         (Available in: 16' / 18' / 20')
                        Required Power 110 volt, 30 amp or 220 Volt, 15 amp




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