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Minimag Personal Watercraft Lifts

Product Description
The Mini Mag Personal Lift, one of our many great PWC lifts, was designed as a user friendly solution to storing your personal watercraft (PWC) or small boat.

No lines to tie and no trailers needed. The Mini Mag uses forklift-like arms to raise and lower your craft from your own pier. The Mini Mag is available in 800 lb. and 1,500 lb. weight capacities. Both models are available with either manual or electric winches.

The Mini Mag's track is secured to a piling with the supplied galvanized mounting hardware. The carriage travels through the track on polypropylene rollers and is raised and lowered by a stainless steel cable. Carpeted runners support and protect the bottom of the watercraft.

Like our other boat hoists and boat lift selections, we work hard to make sure you are satisfied with your selections.


These lifts come standard with 8' Tracks.  Please CLICK HERE to Order Longer Track

 CLICK HERE to Order Dock Mount Bracket


     CAPACITY 800# 1500#
    Arm Length 3' 5'
     Arm Width 2' 3'
Piling Requirements 8" Diameter (Round) 8" Diameter (Round)
    Travel Length 6' - 8' 6' - 8'