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Beginners Guide to Choosing a Boatlift

Choosing a boatlift requires an amount of work to ensure you’re getting the lift you really need. A boatlift should accommodate the water in which you typically boat, so the type of port you commonly use is one of the most important and key components that should drive your purchasing decision. Typically there are four types of boatlifts: floating, free-standing, overhead, or four to eight post lifts. Boatlifts are often manufactured from a variety of materials. Regardless of whether you’re interested in an aluminum boat lift or wood boat lift, LunmarBoatLifts.com can help you find the perfect lift for your boating needs.

Boatlifts can also be either manual or electric. Manually operated boatlifts commonly use a spinning wheel, where as some rely on electric winches to help lower and raise the water craft. Both types of boatlift work great, but the deciding factor comes between which is more convenient. Electric lifts don’t require much manual labor, but a safe power source is required for the lift to operate, and often require a great deal of more care and maintenance. In the event of a boatlift needing maintenance, Lunmar also provides a great selection of boat lift parts and accessories to ensure your lift is always working up to its highest potential.

Another important component of selecting a proper boatlift is knowing the specifications of your boat. Your boat’s length, weight and beam are extremely important factors to consider before buying a boatlift. Not knowing the proper specs can create problems and potentially have you end up with the wrong type and size of boatlift. Another important thing to consider is whether or not to choose stainless or galvanized materials. Stainless fittings are typically the best for both salt water and fresh water, but galvanized fittings are also a great choice in fresh water. Again, it’s best to keep in mind the type of water you typically boat in. Boatlifts are also constructed in a similar way a trailer is, where bunks are used to cradle your hull. Adjustable bunks are commonly the most useful and will give you more flexibility to get your boat on the lift. LunmarBoatLifts.com carries a large selection of cradle lifts, and can help you choose the perfect one for your boat.

If you’re still unsure of how to choose the proper boatlift, simply contact us and we can gladly help you choose the perfect lift for your boating needs. With some of the best warranties and manufactured boatlifts on the market, there’s no better place than Lunmar. Our products are made proudly in the USA and manufactured to the highest standards. When it comes to finding the perfect boatlift, choose LunmarBoatLifts.com!