Permaport PWC Lift - 62"

Product Description

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The Permaport PWC lift is a great solution for getting your personal watercraft out of the water. It's as simple as driving on then pushing off but having the ablility to get your watercraft out of the water will minimize wear an tear on your boat. It measures 62" wide x 138" long x 12" depth, it weights 240 lbs. It can only ship via freight. Its buoyancy is 1,800 lbs. The rollers are all self centering rollers, with the first roller being a self aligning roller to guide your craft to the center of the permaport. The roller brackets are stainless steel, so they won't rust. The shell is on piece rotationally molded, and foam filled. Hardware (not included) can be used with either fixed, or floating docks.

Select the type of hardware you need on checkout. Please note: The Fixed style hardware (PWC-HFIX) does not include pipe for the hardware to slide up and down on.