Selection and Exceptional Service

Lunmar Boat Lifts has a large selection of boat house style kits ranging from 3,000 pound sling models to a 12,500 pound cradle model. Our knowledgeable and trained staff are ready to help from the pre-purchase thru installation. Boats and personal watercraft are a large investment, protect that investment with the right boat lift and accessories. Lunmar Boat Lifts now offers wholesale pricing to qualified marine contractors, dealers and marina management please call us TOLL FREE at 1-800-965-8544 or e-mail us at support 
Why buy a boat lift from Lunmar Boat Lifts?

Our Lunmar brand boat lifts are constructed with longevity in mind. Our drive pipe is  supported in 4 locations instead of 1. We use 1/4" cable instead of 3/16" cable. Our slings are 14' instead of others 12' slings. Lunmar uses Aluminum sheaves instead of Taiwan galvanized sheaves. Our pulleys are permanently lubricated. Buy directly from the factory instead of a distributor and save.

Wood Mount Cradle Kits

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