Two and three point pick up boat lifts are affordable kits that let you enjoy the benefits of boat dock lifts at a lower cost. Bringing your boat out of the water can be a difficult job without the right equipment. Our boat house lifts make getting your boat onto and off of the waves much easier so you can enjoy the safety of dry dock with less exertion.

Our popular 2 point and 3 point boat lifts are excellent additions to your boat house. These boat dock lifts come equipped with everything you need to start raising your watercraft. From 3000 pound up to 6000 pound boat house lifts, our kits provide not only the motor and gear plate assemblies but all of the clamps, cables, brackets, and bolts you need to set up your boat lift. Get your 2 point and 3 point pick up boat dock lifts from today.

2-Point / 3-Point Pick Up Kits

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Lunmar 2-Point Pick Up Wood Mount

2-Point Pick Up

From $704.10
Lunmar 3-Point Pick Up Wood Mount

3-Point Pick Up

From $837.20