Whether you’re looking for boat slings or cradle kits, our galvanized piling mount boat lifts are exactly what you need for your dock. Available in slings or boat lift cradle kit options, our selection of galvanized piling mounts has something for everyone.  From low profile cradle kits to piling mount sling kits, we have the piling mount lift for a wide range of boat sizes and shapes. With affordable price tags, these boat lifts are excellent for any boat launch or docking area.

Galvanized cradle beams make these boat lift cradle kit designs even more durable. This galvanized reliability secures your investment and increases the safety and longevity of both your boat and the boat lift. With a wide range of additional options available for each of our piling mount boat lifts, you’ll be able to customize your boat slings or cradle kits for any application. Find the perfect galvanized piling mount boat lifts for your dock today at LunmarBoatLifts.com.

Galvanized Piling Mount Lifts

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