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Product Description

Cleat Seat is a fold-down cleat that can be fully hidden when not in use. With angled sides, Cleat Seat improves personal safety by reducing tripping hazards and can be driven over when the cleat is seated. In addition...Cleat Seat will stay up when it is needed unlike the other ’floppy’ fold-down cleats on the market.

Cleat Seat is durable; made of strong nylon composite materials that will not rust or corrode like metal cleats. Cleat Seat is easy to install on any flat surface: docks, boats, snowmobile or ATV trailers, truck beds, work vans, garages, hangars, etc. The units come with six (1/4") mounting holes; two on either side of the cleat and one on each of the four corners. Because of the variety of mounting surfaces, mounting hardware is not included. 

Available in White or Black




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