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Rotomag 1500# Boat Lift

Product Description

Minimum Piling Height Standard Mount: 43"
Minimum Piling Height Stubby Mount: 28"
Minimum Piling Diameter: 8"
Maximum Cradle Travel: 9'
Power Requirments: 110 V and  15A  minimum
Minimum Water Depth:  5" under keel of the boat to be lifted 


The ROTOMAG, one of the PWC lifts from Lunmar Boat Lifts, allows you to raise your vessel and rotate it over the dock for easy and safe access like our other boat hoists. The tube in a tube design means that when raised, no part of the lift remains in the water – much like our boat lift selections. The ROTOMAG is easily installed on pilings 43" above the deck level or higher. For pilings that are only 28" high, we offer an optional Stubby Mount.