For years of trouble-free operation, choose aluminum boat lifts from Lunmar. Our aluminum mount sling kits and cradle kits allow you to easily set up a boat lift that’s affordable and built to last. These boat lifts come with sturdy aluminum beams, and all of the materials you need to construct the boat lift, including motor, gear plate, pulleys, cables, brackets, and all of the bolts, nuts, clamps, and more. Optional parts include remotes and covers for your boat lifts.

The Lunmar InvisiLift Cradle Kit boat lift is designed for boathouse application so that the overhead equipment is invisible once a ceiling is installed. Our exclusive Bugstop feature prevents rodents, birds, and bugs from making their way into the attic through the cable holes. Custom beam lengths are also available for those with special requirements. When you need to assemble a boat lift quickly and easily that will last for many years to come, order one of our aluminum boat lifts today.  

Aluminum Mount Lifts

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